Ambi Climate 2 Review : AI Enhanced AC Control

By Steve Hall

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Over the course of the last year, I have received several smart air conditioner controllers to review. So when Ambi Climate asked me to take a look at their AI enhanced AC controller I said: “why not!?”

The thing is, it seems that they all have their high points. Due to what I’ve seen so far, they all seem to get the job done. So let’s dig into this controller for your air conditioner and find out exactly what is so special about it.

What is Ambi Climate?

Imagine this you’re in the middle of LA in the summertime. It’s hot and it’s stinky and maybe you’re not sure if you want to cool down or you just want to dry yourself down.

You eventually find your way back to your home after a long day at work. Even though your home is air-conditioned; the climate may not be to your liking. If you find this commonly happens to you then perhaps the Ambi Climate 2.0 can help.

Back in 2017 at Computex, there was a Kickstarter campaign and it was from a company called Ambi Labs who had this Ambi Climate air-conditioning smart control.

That was just the beginning though; now they have a revision 2.0 which has some different stand out features and I’ll get into more on that in the next section.

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What Makes Ambi Climate 2 Different?

For me to tell you what makes Ambi Climate different from standard air conditioning control. I also have to talk about what makes it different from other smart AI features out there right now.

What makes this smart ac controller different is that it’s the world’s first AI powered controller for air conditioners. The key difference with Ambi Climate is that with air conditioners today you can only really set a temperature. But there are so many other factors that affect your comfort in your home.

Things like humidity and sunlight coming into the room, changing weather outside, and things like that. One of the key differences with Ambi Climate 2 is that instead of setting just a temperature you can tell it through the app, how you feel right now.

For example, you can tell it if you are too hot, or too cold or if you are comfortable and then the machine learning system will automatically build a personal profile of your comfort level.

I don’t know about you, but I actually find that temperature is not number one on my problem list. Especially here in New England, it generally is something more like humidity or weather.

Based on that Ambi Climate automatically adjusts the air conditioner and I personally find that it’s more comfortable and I’m saving on my power bill at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Ambi Climate 2 Features

Ambi Climate 2 Review : AI Enhanced AC Control 1

So I personally tried this out and I’m loving it so far! It gives you full integration with your smartphone, so you can control it anywhere you wish.

It’s so easy to sync up and it doesn’t look bad either with a pretty sleek design. It’s a pretty easy learning curve to get going and after that, you get full control of your AC. I’m very impressed with the setup and the ease of use.

Ambi Climate really takes it a step further to make your environment really comfortable. The best thing about this is it automatically learns your behavior as well and then it will apply that over time.

The key factor is that it will learn how environmental factors affect you and it’s not just a static profile. Preferences in room temperature change as the seasons change, so it is constantly learning and updating itself. It will adapt over time to make your house the perfect comfortable environment throughout the year.

Ambi Climate is constantly adding on new convenience features as well. For example, they added a geolocation feature. That way your air-conditioner can automatically turn on as you come home or turn off as you leave.

The Ambi Climate syncs up with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. With voice integration, you don’t have to bring up the app on your phone anymore and you can just use the voice commands and say things like…

“Alexa tell Ambi Climate I’m feeling good warm”


“Ok Google I’m feeling cold”


ambi climate 2 energy savings

Ambi Climate 2 Energy Savings

The whole philosophy behind Ambi Climate 2 is looking to make things more convenient for the everyday consumer and it shows. Because by training the AI when you are comfortable and aren’t, it also eliminates any kind of overcooling and overheating problems. So the best part of that is that you save energy as well as well as adding comfort to your home.

A lot of people tend to overheat or over cool their homes without meaning to. For example, in the summer if you set your air conditioner to a comfortable temperature to go to sleep. The next morning everyone tends to wake up to cold and that’s because your metabolism slows down overnight.

Because of the fine tuning and constant adjustments that Ambi Climate makes it eliminates these typical over cooling and overheating situations. The CEO of Ambi Climate says that “you can save as much as 20 to 30% of your electricity bill”.

The last thing I’ve noticed with the Ambi Climate device that makes it different as well is that after you program it, you won’t ever need your old AC remote anymore. Basically, your phone or your voice becomes your AC remote.

Ambi Climate 2 Modes

The Ambi Climate 2 offers four different modes.

  • Manual Mode: If you don’t want to change anything but just want to use the smartphone as a remote you can do that as well get the digital readouts.
  • Comfort Mode: This is the smart AI mode and it will learn over time how you prefer your climate.
  • Temperature Mode: This allows you to set the manual temperature in the room and the humidity.
  • Away Mode: You can set thresholds for either temperature or when you leave your particular house where you have the air-conditioning. It will turn off and this saves you on energy or if you go to a certain temperature then it will turn on again saving you energy.

Final Thoughts

The Ambi Climate 2.0 is really easy to set up and there are over 1,200 models supported out of the box. One nice feature that is included is that you can manually set it up through the app and it is fairly quick to do that. I know because I had to do that for two older air conditioners I have in the house.

Even if your air conditioning remote is something newer or more unique it’ll just program itself automatically with a touch of a button.

I hope you found this review useful. If you are interested in checking out more reviews and the current pricing for the Ambi Climate 2 over here on Amazon.

You can also ask them questions directly through their website at

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