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By Steve Hall

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Do you know what chore I despise most during the summer? Mowing the lawn. Yeah, yeah, I know some people find it therapeutic or whatever, but not me and I’ll bet for the most part neither do you.

For years we’ve all mowed our lawns with the same old push mower. But I got smart and went out to find the best robot lawnmower on the market to replace my current push mower. I have friends who thought I was nuts for even considering the idea. But when it comes to mowing the lawn, apparently I don’t share their excitement!

Primarily there are three best robot lawn mowers that I can recommend at this time. Obviously, each has its own caveats, but I’ll get more into that in a bit.

The best robot lawn mowers on the market right now are:

  • Husqvarna Automower 450x
  • Worx WG794 Landroid
  • Robomow RS635 Pro SX

How do I know that? Because I spent a lot of time and money buying them, finding out the flaws and returning the ones that didn’t work well. It’s taken me a long time to get all of this information together for you and put all my notes in one place. So this won’t be your typical blog post about “best robot lawn mowers”. This is actually a look into what I liked and didn’t like about each one.

So let’s dig into this…

smart robot mower Husqvarna

Why Get a Robot Lawn Mower?

If you have to pay the neighborhood kid to mow your grass right now then you are more than underwhelmed by the end of the summer. Usually either because (nowadays) kids want full blow landscaper prices to mow your lawn, or because they didn’t show up when they said they would.

I mean there are plenty of good kids out there, don’t get me wrong. But at the end of the day, they will never be as reliable as a lawnmower that can be set on your schedule.

The other nice thing about robot lawn mowers is that they are very quiet since they run on electricity. Typically I find that they are about as loud as your air conditioner and won’t wake up the baby like a typical lawnmower.

Also, most robot lawn mowers also have rain sensors that send it back to it’s charging station until it stops raining. You can typically also program the mower to keep cutting even if it’s raining.

Robot lawn mowers are programmable and run when you need them to, returning to their charging station when the job is done. They are also better than conventional push mowers because they don’t run on gasoline. That’s a real-time, money saver and aggravation saver. If that’s not enough for you, then I don’t know what to tell you.

do robot lawn mowers work

How Well Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

The first robot lawn mower that was introduced and patented in 1969. So we can officially say they’ve been around for a while. The market for smart mowers in recent years has grown and grown.

The answer is yes, they really work. But there are several factors that you need to take into account before officially going out and buying one.

The main thing that you have to consider is the size of your lawn. The larger mowers have a wider cutting area so they will get more cutting done in a shorter time span. Once you’ve thought about the area that you want to be mowed regularly, do your research on the different models available for the size of your lawn.

The problem that a lot of people will run into, especially here in the Northeast where I live, is that these mowers all require mainly a flat surface. Most robot lawn mower manufacturers will tell you that slopes up to 35 percent (from 15 to 20 degrees) are going to be okay.

But the steeper the grade you are dealing with, the more quickly the battery will run out. Since robotic lawn mowers’ wheels tend to get caught in small depressions, you’ll need to fill those in and keep them filled in. Because it’s either that or set boundary wire around the areas that you don’t want the robot mower to go.

We are seeing improvements with this though and some mowers can even maneuver themselves out of a hole by moving back and forth.

Barriers like stone walls can mean that you’ll have to manually reposition the mower from one part of the yard to another. That can possibly make them less convenient for some people.

robot lawn mowers safe

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Safe?

This is a question that I regularly get from my friends. See, everyday lawn mowers can be extremely dangerous to operate. They can take a finger, a limb, or if things go totally bad you could even lose your life! In comparison, a robotic lawn mower is far more safe, even though they still have dangerous blades underneath them.

Robot lawn mowers now have some highly needed built-in safety features like collision detection systems which prevent robotic mowers from bumping into obstacles.

Even better than that, they have high-tech sensors which turn the blade off when they are getting too close or in the case that you have to lift the machine up. These are just some of the features in newer robotic lawn mowers that help to alleviate nasty accidents and injuries to children, adults, and pets.

Best Robot Lawn Mower Reviews

Ok, so now that we’ve gone through all of the typical questions that people ask about robot lawn mowers, let’s get into the technical stuff and my reviews on the products that I had mentioned earlier.

Obviously, I’m going to do my best to lay everything out for you. But if you find that there are particular questions that you have lingering or things that I might have left out please feel free to contact me.

Husqvarna 450x – Best For Large Lawns

Husqvarna vs Worx vs Robomow | Which Mower Is Best In 1

This is Husqvarna’s top the line unit with the GPS that is capable of taking care of almost an acre and a half of grass. That’s grass… not including your house.

I’ve had this unit for 745 hours which sounds pretty amazing! I mean, that’s a lot of mowing with this robot, but you have to understand that it doesn’t mow a lot of grass while it’s out there.

It’s got a big frame, but it only has about a 12-inch area that it mows and that area mows with razor blades.

This unit is meant to go out and cut approximately 1/8 to a 16 inch of grass every other day and it’s meant to keep up on the yard so it always looks cut.

Husqvarna has said that this unit is gonna take care of all the weeds in your yard. That you’re not gonna have them because they’re gonna be cut they’re never really going to be able to grow. That is not true at all. The weeds just end up growing in sideways because they start to learn that they can’t grow straight up.

This particular robot lawn mower has a 2.4-inch cut height maximum so it’ll go down to an inch in height. The problem is, that’s that’s golf course heights and that really kind of hurt us, especially in the summer. But we ended up making out ok.


  • The joys of coming home to a freshly mowed lawn
  • Spot cutting feature for a lawn that grows at an uneven rate
  • One charge will operate the mower for 4 and 1/2 hours
  • Charges to full in less than 90 minutes
  • Has a built-in sensor for rain that tells it to return to it’s charging station
  • Built-in collision sensor
  • Auto shut off when it senses that it was turned over or picked up
  • Connects to 3G or 4G with built-in GSM no matter where it is
  • Cuts large lawns with ease


  • High Cost
  • Programming can take some time
  • The app can be confusing
  • You have to purchase a SIM data package for it to work

If you want to check out more about the Husqvarna 450x here is a link to the reviews on Amazon.

Worx WG794 Landroid – Best For Small Lawns

Husqvarna vs Worx vs Robomow | Which Mower Is Best In 2

So here’s the deal. We’ve spent enough time with this mower to know that it works well in a smaller area. For example, it worked really well in the backyard which is about half an acre. Anything more than that and it just doesn’t stack up to other mowers.

But if you have a smaller yard or area that you need to be cut then this will be perfect for you. We had it work for 12 hours on the days it was running and overall we were really impressed with the results.

The mower continued to work great in the backyard and was able to deal with most small objects on the lawn (toys, etc.) The neighbor that lives behind me thought we hired a lawn service it looked so good! It literally makes very little noise to the point that you almost don’t even know that its running most of the time.

Once we set this up according to the manufacturer’s specifications I was really shocked at how incredibly dependable this mower is.


  • Follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong
  • Very quiet
  • Composts the grass very well
  • Replacement blades are cheap


  • It’s pricey, but not as expensive as some others
  • Boundary wire is easily broken
  • Mowing height is a bit low

If you want to check out more reviews for the Worx WG794, here is a link over to Amazon.Husqvarna vs Worx vs Robomow | Which Mower Is Best In 3

Husqvarna vs Worx vs Robomow | Which Mower Is Best In 4Robomow RS630 – Best For Medium Lawns

Husqvarna vs Worx vs Robomow | Which Mower Is Best In 5

The floating deck and speed of cut are great on this robot mower. The lawn cuts smooth, I was actually surprised how well this did with our lawn. The mower avoids object pretty nicely and seems to manage to cut around trees without any additional boundary wire.

Depending on the landscaping object, you may have to use the boundary wire to help with it’s edging mode. The Robomow seems to do a good job with edging, but it could be closer. It does learn your lawn very quickly and you won’t have any missed cut sections for very long, unlike we had with the Worx.

The Worx brand had uncut portions over a couple of weeks during my initial tests. Robomow has managed to cut high grass with slower drive speed.  So you may turn the ‘Turbo Mow’ feature on when your grass gets high.  This feature will automatically reset to a regular cutting mode after the completion of ‘Turbo Mow’ cycle.

The gsm module will text you if there are issues with the device. It worked when I was several miles away. However, I didn’t receive any notification when I was at home some of the time.

One cool feature that I was happy with is that if it stops due to a boundary wire or obstacle that it can’t avoid you can remote control it via the app. This allows you to get it unstuck and let it continue on its way or just send it to the base.

If you get this mower, make sure you let the initial battery cell balancing and charging finish. Once that is done, the mow time will be great.


  • Great for medium sized lawns
  • Can follow a set schedule
  • The app is easy and handy to use
  • 22″ wide cut makes it work better on bigger lawns
  • Adjusts from a height of 0.78 to 3.14 inches
  • The perimeter wire is included at no extra cost
  • Can work in multiple zones (ie- front yard and back yard)


  • Does not work well in a hilly area

For reviews and the best price available on the Robomow RS635, you’ll want to check out this link over on Amazon for further details.


So at this point your asking yourself, well then, which one did I like best? For my purposes and because of the size of my yard I liked the Robomow best. However, each has its own merit and caveats. So I can’t say that one was necessarily worse than the other. Especially if I had a smaller yard. Then I most likely would have been just fine with the Worx.

I think that if you are planning on investing in any robot lawn mower then you need to research these each and read more reviews on Amazon to figure out which one will be best for your personal situation.

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