Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

By Steve Hall

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AI and robots continue to make our lives easier in many regards, including robot vacuum’s. There has been some discussion about how robots will impact the job market. Some are more worried than others, and the debate goes on. One thing we can all agree upon is no one (or at least almost everyone) does not like having to clean up around the house.

Cleaning is a job best left to the machines. If you have hardwood floors at home then you’re in luck. You can find a great selection of automated robot vacuums on the market. These little vacuums do a great job of getting to all the pollen and finer particles on the floor. Plus, they do a pretty good job of getting around the baseboards.

In this guide, we will start off by covering some factors to consider when making a purchase. Then, provide a few recommendations from some of the top robot vacuums available today.

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Suction Rating

Each vacuum will have a suction rating. As you might expect, a higher number indicates a more powerful vacuum. Most high-end vacuums rate somewhere between 1300Pa to 1600Pa. Usually, higher value suction models are more expensive. The difference between each rating isn’t huge. Unless you have something causing a lot of debris in your home, such as multiple pets, you don’t have to opt for the highest rating.

Mapping, Scanning, and Navigation

The software that handles each of these aspects will be important to the overall function of your robot vacuum. The performance will depend on the hardwood space you are trying to cover. As well as the number of floors in your house that can be mapped.

Sometimes color can be an issue. Most of these vacuums will detect dark lines as the edge of the floor or the beginning of a step. Keep that in mind when making a selection. You can also buy marking strips to help guide the robot.

If your floor space is crowded and has lots of furniture, some robots have sensors to prevent a collision. This is a good safety feature to have.

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Battery Life

The larger space, the more battery life you’ll need. Take into account that the robot has to make it back to its charging station at the end. It might be difficult to estimate the exact battery life needed but aim for a minimum of 30 minutes. Most models get well above this now.

Bagotte Robot Vacuum 2019

Bagotte’s 2019 model is a little stronger and a little slimmer. It delivers 1600Pa of suction, which is on the higher end for most vacuums. The robot is only 2.7 inches tall, so it should have no problem fitting under any of your furniture. The noise is relatively quiet at 50DB. This shouldn’t bother most people. The sensors onboard avoid any potential collision and can detect a drop-off. When the batteries run low, this little guy will automatically make its way back to the charging station.

This vacuum does everything you need it to and comes at a decent price. Around half as much as some of the higher-priced models. You can check out more reviews and the current price of this awesome little vacuum over here on Amazon.Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors 1


Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors 2

Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

This pick has the bonus of being a mop plus a vacuum. The mopping system has a built-in water tank, that slowly distributes water. After picking up any dust, the mop cloth comes into action. A two-for-one cleaning robot.

Other cool features include the E11 filter that picks up 99% of the dust. A long-life battery that can go for 150 minutes. Real-time room mapping with the compatible app. Plus a host of options such as scheduling, no-go zones, spot cleaning, and more.

Here’s a link to find out more about it over on Amazon.

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iRobot Roomba 960

The neat thing about the Roomba 960 is it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can access the vacuum through Wi-Fi with your phone too. This means you don’t even to be home to start the cleaning process. You can access cleaning reports, and customize your options over the phone as well.

This model also includes an automatic dirt disposal function, and the filter is designed to help fight allergens during cleanup. This is a certified HEPA grade filter. The navigation system also is designed to track an entire floor. This means it can clean multiple rooms at once, on a single cycle. As most of my readers know I am a huge fan of my Roomba. It’s run like a clock for years! If you are interested in reading more about the Roomba 960 you can check it out over here on Amazon.

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iRobot Braava Jet m6

If you want something more focused on a wet clean, then check out the Braava Jet by iRobot. This robot features a water jet and can be equipped with either a wet mopping pad or a dry sweeping pad. Depending on which you attach, the robot automatically goes into the right cleaning mode.

It has all the same great navigation properties and Wi-Fi mapping capabilities as other iRobot products. When you are more concerned about sticky messes or mud, then definitely consider the Braava Jet. It’s one of the more robust choices for a wet based cleaning robot for hardwood floors.

If you’d like to find out more about the M6 you can see the reviews and more technical information over here on Amazon.

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Samsung POWERbot R7260

The last recommendation is for the buyer looking for a heavy-duty vacuum. Pet hair and longer hair can be a real problem for some of these robot vacuums. Samsung’s model uses its “Self-Clean Soft Action Brush” which is specifically designed to untangle pet air from the brush during cleaning. A lot of other vacuums get complaints about hair, but not the POWERbot.

You are also getting Wi-Fi and smart device voice function. The navigating, suction, and mapping are on par with other models. The only downside is the extra-large size. It does cover more ground faster, but there is the potential issue of it not fitting in all spaces. And likely missing a few corners here and there. This one is last on my list, if you are a die-hard Samsung fan then you might love this. Feel free to check out the reviews over here on Amazon and make up your own mind.

Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors 6


The price of a vacuum robot makes it quite the investment. The typical range can be anywhere from $200 all the way to $700 plus. But when you consider the amount of time that goes into cleaning your hardwood floors, it might just be worth it.

They are more effective than you think, and the lifespan doesn’t mean you’ll be constantly replacing it. Most will last several years or more with good maintenance. There are plenty of great products to choose, so consider ordering one today!

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