Have You Played The Sonos Game? (Too Funny For Words)

By Steve Hall

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I’ve got to tell ya, I just found out about this new game that Sonos released and it’s hysterical! I know I wrote an article a while back about the best smart home party ideas, but this one is getting added to the list I think. The holidays is one of the best times to pick up a Sonos! The price is usually lower and if nothing else, it will provide you and your holiday party guests some great dance music as well as just outright drop dead fun.

What is Sonos?

If you aren’t familiar with Sonos, then you need to do some reading about what the best smart speakers for playing music are. Sonos has one of the best quality speakers on the market hands down and since they have integrated Alexa into the mix, they’ve made it even better.

How Do I Play The Sonos Game?

If you want a fun family activity to liven up the holidays, the Sonos Game is a special, free, and easy-to-play game that you can play on any Sonos speaker. So, how do you play? Simply put, you can write down a prompt, everyone selects a song that works best for the prompt, and the designated MC of the household picks their favorite track. With prompts like “worst song to set the mood” or “this one goes out to my boss,” I guarantee you, it will get laughs for days and entertain the heck out of anyone in the room!

What other things can I do with Sonos?

  1. Integrate With Streaming Services – Sonos is fantastic for music, it integrates fantastically with Spotify or Amazon Music.
  2. Use it as an alarm – You can have your Sonos wake you up with the sounds of nature, or Naughty By Nature…it’s up to you!
  3. Use Your Apple Watch To Control It – There’s an app for your Apple watch called Zoneplay that will allow you to control your Sonos speakers individually or all together.
  4. Create a Whole Home Audio System – You can pair all of your Sonos devices together to have crystal clear audio in every room of your home.


Sonos being the leader in outstanding audio devices will certainly give any holiday party the fun boost you’ve been looking for. It’s easy to set up and it’s easy to use. If you’d like to find out more about the Sonos party game, then you can check out the Sonos Blog.

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