How To Mount Blink XT and Blink XT2 Cameras

By Steve Hall

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The original Blink XT camera mounts were a bit of a pain in the butt for some folks. Not that I had this problem myself, but I understand that because they were so flimsy a lot of people were having them crack or break during installation or when moving them to a different location.

In order to mount any Blink XT camera, it will require you to screw the base into the surface of your choosing. Then attach the camera to the surface mount by pushing it on until you hear a “clip” sound.

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How To Mount Blink XT and Blink XT2 Cameras 1

Mounting Blink XT Cameras

To Mount the older style Blink XT cameras it was relatively easy. Basically, the mount will be inserted into the round opening in the center of the camera’s battery cover. It will fit over the gray switch used to remove the battery cover.

While I will admit that they did seem a bit flimsy, again, I never had this problem myself. I did, however, find that the older mounts would wear on the hinge area fairly quickly if you weren’t careful which would make the camera able to move back and forth when you had a lot of wind or if a larger animal touched it.

Luckily that is no longer an issue. Because with the inception of the new Blink XT2 they now offer a newly upgraded version and they sell them separately in a three-pack. They are also included with the new XT two cameras they will work with the existing indoor blink and blink XT camera as well.

How To Mount Blink XT and Blink XT2 Cameras 2

Mounting Blink XT2 Cameras

Many of the customers who had the older flimsy mounts ending up opting for aftermarket options. Blink has released these new factory mounts which come with the XT2 systems or can be purchased separately. These mounts are plastic and it uses a ball-type joint and it fits right onto the back.

You have two mounting points so you can screw it in and it also comes with an optional spacer if you want to adjust the camera at a better angle.

Installing it is simple, you just push it into place until you hear it click. Adjusting it afterward is very easy and you can swivel it to your desired viewing angle. This feels a lot sturdier than the original versions and removing it is just a matter of pulling it off.

These new mounts, which are black, will work across all the blink cameras, so if you have existing cameras and are looking for mounts this will be a good option. Installation is easy just use the two supplied screws and optional spacers. Once you have them mounted just clip the camera right on. You can see how easy it is to adjust in the video below and it stays in place with no problems.

This is definitely a welcomed upgrade and it works very well. You can check them out over here on Amazon for other reviews and the current price. See how easy they are to install in the video below!

How To Remove A Blink XT Camera Mount

On the original Blink XT cameras, the only thing you need to do is unscrew the one screw holding the camera to the surface. If you feel daring you can also unclip the camera from the base that is attached to the surface. It works similarly in the new Blink XT camera mounts. Although not as flimsy, so they can just be unclipped directly from the wall.

Are Blink XT Camera’s Worth The Money?

I think at this point, after having written extensively on this blog about how much I love the Blink XT line of cameras that they are wholeheartedly worth every penny. I have zero regrets from the first Blink cameras I purchased almost two years ago now. I was worried about the original mounts after I started hearing complaints, but I have never personally seen any issues and now with the newer mounts my fears have been laid to rest.

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