Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro?

By Steve Hall

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I’m currently looking to add a Google Nest Hello Video doorbell to my smart home. Before taking the plunge however, I wanted to know ‘can I install the google nest doorbell myself?’ And if so is the nest doorbell easy to install? I did some digging and here’s what I found out.

You can install the Google Nest Hello doorbell yourself if you are comfortable dealing with electrical wires. If you have an existing compatible wired doorbell and chime it will be easier. If you don't, you will need to get a transformer and some kind of chime to hear the doorbell ringing.

While the answer to whether you can install it on your own is simple, it prompts a few other questions, so below I’ve gone into more detail about installing the Google Nest doorbell, including how much it would cost to get the google doorbell installed by a professional if you decided not to do it yourself!

Does Nest Doorbell Require Wiring?

Does Nest Doorbell Require Wiring

As the ‘Ring’ Doorbell is wireless, it’s understandable that many people assume the Google video doorbell is also wireless.

In fact, the Google Nest Hello doorbell does require wiring. If you already have an existing wired doorbell system, it’s quite likely that you will be able to use the wiring from that system. If you don’t have an existing doorbell system, you will need to feed the wire through the door to a power outlet inside the house. 

Can Nest Hello Work Without a Chime?

At this point you might be wondering if you need to buy a new chime for the google nest doorbell.

If you have a Google smart speaker like a Google mini, this will work perfectly with the Google Nest Doorbell and will allow you to hear the traditional ‘ding-dong’ (it also says the phrase “Someone is at the front door”).

use google mini as a chime for nest doorbell

If you haven’t got a Google smart speaker or hub, you can buy a compatible traditional chime from around $15. I’ve listed a couple of compatible options below:

Is My Doorbell Chime Compatible With The Google Nest Hello Doorbell?

If you already have a traditional wired doorbell system and would like to use your existing chime, how do you know if it will work with the Google Nest Hello?

To see if your doorbell chime is compatible, you need to check inside to make sure it’s a wired chime. You also need to confirm the power supply is sufficient. The Google doorbell requires 16 - 24 V AC and at least 10 VA (in North America), 12 - 24 V AC and at least 8 VA (in Europe).

IMPORTANT! – If your doorbell chime has wires inside, electrical currents are present. DO NOT touch any of the wires without turning off the power supply to your chime!

After turning off the power at your breaker, open your existing chime box cover and go through the following steps to check compatibility:

Look for wires and batteries.

If there are two or more wires or a combination of wires and batteries, then it’s likely that it is compatible.

Doorbell with 3 wires

Doorbell with wires

Doorbell with wires and batteries

Doorbell with wires and batteries

If it only has batteries, then this is a wireless doorbell system and is not compatible with the Nest Doorbell.

Wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell

Check for wires labelled (Trans) F (Front) or R (Rear).

If they are not labelled like this, it might still be compatible, but you should contact an electrician to get it checked.

Check the voltage. 

You need to how much power the wires are delivering. The Nest doorbell requires 16 - 24 V AC and at least 10 VA (in North America), 12 - 24 V AC and at least 8 VA (in Europe). If you can find your existing transformer, it will usually have the voltage printed on it t.he front of it

If it’s not obvious what the voltage is, the best way to check is with a multimeter. You can get a multimeter like this one for around $10-12 on Amazon.

Do I need to buy a transformer for the Google Nest Doorbell?

You do need a transformer with the Google Nest Doorbell. If you have a wired system already installed and have confirmed that the transformer is compatible, then you can use that to wire up your Google doorbell. If you don’t have an existing system, then you will need to buy a new transformer.

What transformers are compatible with the Nest Video Doorbell?

There are two types of transformer that you can use with the Google Nest Hello Doorbell.

A Plug-In Transformer

These can be plugged into a wall socket. If you have an available power socket near your front door then this is definitely the easiest method as you just need to connect the 2 wires to the Nest doorbell and simply plug it in.

Here are a couple of examples of compatible plug-in transformers:

Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro? 1Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro? 2

Plug-in transformer for the USA

Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro? 3Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro? 4

Plug-in transformer for the UK

A traditional transformer 

These are more complicated to wire up but are a goog option if you want to be able to hide the wires easily.

Here are some examples of traditional transformers that are compatible with the Google Nest doorbell:

There is this one available in the US:

Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro? 5Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro? 6

And this is an example of a compatible standard transformer for the UK:

Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro? 7Is Google’s Nest Doorbell Easy To Install? Go DIY or Pro? 8

How To Install A Google Nest Doorbell?

The Google Nest device is actually pretty straightforward to install if you already have a compatible wired doorbell. You just need to drill a couple of holes outside to attach the Nest doorbell unit. The wires from the unit need to be fed through the door/ door frame and connected to a transformer (and a chime if you want to use one) inside the house. Finally you just need to pair the system with your smartphone or Google hub/ Mesh Wifi point.

Even when installing the system in a house with no previous wiring, getting power to the system can be done using a simple plug-in transformer. If you want to make it super simple, them forget about a doorbell chime and use a Google mini smart speaker or Nest mesh Wifi point as a chime.

For step-by-step instructions on installation see this article:

What Tools Do You Need to Install the Nest Doorbell?

tools for google nest doorbell

To install the Google Nest you will need at least a screwdriver, wire stripper and a spirit level and in some cases a drill if you need to drill new holes to accommodate the wires. Added to that, you obviously need a smartphone or suitable device with the Google Nest app installed.

Google Nest Doorbell Installation Cost

If after reading all of this, you feel like you want to leave it to a professional installer, how much is it likely to cost?

If you buy the Google Nest Doorbell from the Google US store you can also add on professional installation for around $99. If you are outside the US, you can use the Google Nest Pro Installer finder to find a recommended professional.

As a comparison to the US pricing, I googled around and found that the average price in the UK to install the system without any pre-existing wiring was around £150.


The Google Nest is arguably one of the best smart video doorbells on the market today. If you are looking to buy one, you can certainly install it yourself. How easy it is to install really depends on whether you have existing wiring in place. If you do, it makes the job a little easier but even if you don’t it’s still a something you can do yourself without too much hassle. Whether you choose to do it yourself or employ a pro to do it for you, I hope this article has helped you!

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