Why Does My Google Home Talk Randomly ?

By Steve Hall

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Ever woken up by the sound of your Google Home whispering in the middle of the night? Yeah, it is a scary experience when Google Home activates itself suddenly, in the pin-drop silence of your house. But seriously, if you’re wondering ‘Why does my Google Home talk randomly?’ then read on!

This might happen if Google Home catches the wake commands- “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” from a source aside from your direct command (your conversations, TVs, phones, radios, etc.). If the device is waking up in the silence of the night, it is perhaps a system bug. You can look in the app’s activity settings and listen to the sound that caused the device to wake up. 

Some users have complained that their Google Home doesn’t necessarily talk but makes a random beep or blink. I know you feel paranoid, but you are not crazy to think that maybe your Google Home device is responding to an intruder’s command linked to your network.

Read to the end to get valid explanations for the odd behaviors of your Google Home device.

Why Does Google Home Randomly Talk?

IoT speakers like Google Home are in vogue nowadays because of its capability of answering questions like, “How will the weather be tomorrow?” or “When is Beyonce’s next concert in Florida?”. You can also command it to “Play Music” or jokes saying “Tell me something funny”.

But such pleasantries come with a price. Devices like Google Home are always connected with the Internet to catch the wake commands. “Ok, Google” and “Hey Google” are the two known wake up commands for Google Home.

Here are some reasons for the occasional false activation of Google Home-


Google Home Speaks by Itself

The main reason Google Home randomly talks by itself is that it has detected wake commands from the environment. Well, not the exact wake commands but something similar to it.  You have to remember that Google Home is an IoT voice-controlled speaker. It is always listening for the wake words as long as it is connected to the Internet.

A research study executed by researchers of Northeastern University and Imperial College London recorded the misactivations of Google Home by a large set of non-wake words from twelve different, popular TV series. They made Google Home listen to the sounds in two rounds for 134 rounds.

They have found that Google Home misreads words that rhyme with “Hey” or “Hi” followed by a strong intonation of “G” or phrases like “ol”.

For example- if you say “Ok to go”, Google Home can misinterpret it as a wake call. Similarly, “maybe I don’t like the cold”, “hey you told” can also be interpreted as wake words.

List of non-wake words interpreted as wake words by Google Home-

  • “Cold and told.”
  • “A-P girl,”
  • “OK, and what,”
  • “I can work,”
  • “What kind of,”
  • “OK, but not,”
  • “I can spare,”
  • “Maybe I don’t like the cold.”
  • “They’re capable of”,
  • “Yeah good weird”

Google Home Randomly Playing Music

A user on Google Support Forum complained that his Google Home device started to play music in the middle of the night. It is not a very pleasant experience.

Several other Google Home users on the support forum and Reddit complained of the same problem. Google has no official reply for it, and users also complained that they fail to find anything that may have triggered this occurrence in the Activity Settings.

But if this is happening to you, check the Activity Settings to know what has triggered it. Ask yourself the following questions if you are facing Google Home randomly singing problem-

  • Do you have a Media Alarm?
  • Have you set up a Routine that plays media files?
  • Is your Home Network Connection safe? Do you have an outsider connected to your network? Perhaps your neighbors?

Google Home Randomly Playing Spotify problem also happens for the same reasons. But, there can also be a system bug causing it.

Google Home Randomly Beeps

The main reason Google Home randomly beeps is that it has paired or unpaired with a Bluetooth device- it can be your phone, smart watch, laptop etc. But there can be some other reasons too. Check below-

  • If there is a low-power related problem.
  • Firmware update notification sound.
  • Check alarms
  • Check reminder notifications

google home singing

Google Home Activates by Itself

As we have discussed earlier, it is because Google Home has caught wake words or something similar to wake words and activated itself. But if there is no sound in your house, but still you find Google Home activating itself, there is probably some glitch in the firmware. Unplug the device, wait for 1 minute and then plug it in again.

Google Home can also activate itself after automatic updates or syncing.

Google Home Randomly Stops Playing Music

There are many reasons for Google Home to stop playing music all of a sudden. Check the list below to find why your device is acting weird-

  • Firmware problem

The firmware on your device is not updated. Unplug your device, wait for 1 minute and restart your device. Google Home will automatically look for the new firmware update.

  • Lowered Volume

Check your volume level. Perhaps it is too low for you to hear it. Say “Ok, Google, turn the volume up”.

  • Casting Problem

Remember that Google Home is a speaker. It can’t play music on its own. We have to cast media apps like Google Play Music, Pandora, or YouTube to play music on Google Home. Unlink the media accounts from Google Home and relink again to make sure the casting problem is gone.

Your phone and Google Home has to be connected to the same network for casting to work.

Deleting Recorded Conversations from Google Home

Google Home records any conversation you might have with it. If that bothers you then you can easily delete them.

Follow the steps below to delete recorded conversations with Google Home-

  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Click your Profile Picture.
  • Go to “Manage your Google Account.”
  • Under “Privacy & personalization”, go to “Manage your data & personalization.”
  • Scroll and under “Activity and timeline”, click on “My activity”.
  • Go the option, “Google Home” and you will find every activity done on Home.
  • Click on the hamburger icon beside each activity and you will find two options “Details” and “Delete”.
  • Delete the activity you want to get rid of.

google home spotify singing


  • Is Google Home Constantly Recording Your Conversations?

Google Home is constantly listening for wake words, which is for sure. But there is no evidence to support that Google Home is constantly recording your conversations. Google Home devices do wake up frequently by misinterpreting non-wake words as wake words, but the intervals are short before it goes back to listening mode again.

So, no, Google Home is not recording your conversations.

  • Does Google Home Have Secret Wake Words?

No clear evidence has been found which indicates that any of the misinterpreted non-wake words are malicious or have no similarity with the original wake words- “Ok Google” and “Hey Google”.

All the misinterpreted non-wake words are some modifications of the wake word.

It is also possible for someone to use this glitch to their advantage. They can make their own wake words, activate the device, and use it.


Let’s wrap it up on the note that Google Home is a marvel of industry 4.0. It is a revolutionary home automation device that enables homes to be more interactive and fun.

We hope that the bugs and errors of the device currently faced by the users will be corrected in the upcoming years.

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