Why Is My Alexa Stuck On A Red Ring?

By Steve Hall

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If your Amazon Echo Alexa is showing a red ring this article will help you to figure out what the problem is and how can you fix it.

As a general rule, the 'Alexa stuck on a red ring' occurs for one of the following reasons: Your Amazon Echo microphone is disabled, Alexa cannot connect to the internet or your Echo needs a system update.

There are several things you can try to fix the red ring issue. Go through each of the steps below to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

1. Your Amazon Echo's Microphone Is Disabled

If Alexa is not responding to any commands and both the red ring and the microphone button are a solid red, this likely means someone has accidentally or intentionally pressed the microphone button and disabled it.

Alexa cannot hear you or respond to voice commands until the microphone has been turned back on.

If you have accidentally disabled the microphone on your Amazon Echo Alexa device then this is an easy fix. 

  1. Press the red microphone button.
  2. Wait a few seconds and the red light should turn off.
  3. Once the red light disappears, try a voice command to check to see if your Amazon Echo is now working

If the problem is not the microphone, the next thing to check is your internet connection.

2. Your Amazon Echo Cannot Connect To The Internet

If your Amazon Echo is not connected to the internet, Alexa will light up red when you ask her a question (not a solid continuous red ring).

She will also respond to any question with something like this: 

"I'm having trouble understanding right now, please try a little later"

If this is happening then follow the steps below to fix it.

Check The Echo's Connection Status In The Alexa App:

Open the Alexa App, go to 'Devices' and then click on 'Echo & Alexa'. You should see all of your Echo devices listed.

Check to see if shows the device as 'Offline'

check alexa connection status

Check Your Internet Connection Is Working

If your Alexa is showing as Offline then you can try the following to fix it:

  1. First, try rebooting your Alexa. Just unplug it then and plug it back in. Wait for a couple of minutes for it to reboot, then try asking Alexa a question.
  2. If a reboot of the Echo device doesn't fix the problem you need to check your internet/ wifi connection.

    The easiest way to see if you have a general internet problem is to check to see if other devices on your network can connect to the internet. Do a quick Google search on your smartphone or computer to see if they are connected.

    If other devices are not connected to the internet then you can try rebooting you router. If this doesnt work then you need to check physical cables connected to your router. If the problem persists then you may need to contact your internet provider.

3. Your Amazon Echo Needs A System Update

Alexa should automatically download and install software updates as long as she is connected to the internet. If your Echo device has been turned off for a while, then you might want to check the software version is up to date as this can cause problems.

To check the software version, open the Alexa app, go to 'Devices' and then click on 'Echo & Alexa'. You should see all of your Echo devices listed. Click on your device and then scroll down and click on 'About'.

You should see the 'Device Software Version'. Check this number against the current version shown on Amazon here.

Check Alexa software version
Check Alexa software version 2
Amazon Alexa software version

If the numbers don't match you can ask Alexa to update by saying:

"Alexa, check for software updates"

If you are having trouble updating your echo device, first restart it by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

How To Factory Reset Your Amazon Echo

If you have tried other methods but are still having problems with Alexa, try a factory reset of your Echo device. (If you have older versions of the Amazon Echo try our guide to factory resetting which covers older versions as well as newer ones) 

To reset your Amazon Echo, hold down both the microphone button and the action button for a few seconds until Alexa shows an orange ring and says "now entering setup mode, please follow the instructions in your Alexa App".

Open the Alexa App on your phone or tablet. Wait a few moments and it should pop up a message stating that 'Echo can be set up' as shown below. 

alexa setup mode

It should automatically connect to your Wifi. Click continue and setup the language, location and voice profile settings. Once the settings in the App are all complete, reboot your Echo by unplugged and plugging it back in and then test it by giving Alexa a voice command.

Watch the video below for a more detailed step by step tutorial.

Deregister Your Amazon Alexa Device

One last thing to try is, to deregister and re-register your Amazon Echo.

To do this open the Alexa App, click on Devices and then click on the Echo device that you want to to de-register.

Where it shows 'Registered To' click the 'Deregister' link

Deregister Alexa

You can also deregister from the Amazon site from the 'Manage your content and devices' page.

Once deregistered, just click on the big + icon in you Alexa app and follow the prompts to re-add and re-register your device.

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