Can I Use Google Home As A Baby Monitor?

By Steve Hall

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If you’re wondering “Can I use Google Home as a baby monitor?”, the answer is a definite yes. Read on to find out how!

It’s hard to look after children while having tedious tasks around the household. And if you’re an expecting parent or the proud mother or father of a newborn baby, or a toddler, then a baby monitor should be an essential product in your humble abode.

With Google’s continuous updates, it’s now super easy to have an ongoing conversation with Google Home. Even though we can use security cameras as baby monitors depending on their night vision mode, Google Home is a better choice as they can be connected to about 20 cameras for better monitoring around the house.

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Google Home As A Monitor

Can Google Home be used as a monitor? Not too long ago, back in 2018 Google launched Google Home Baby Monitors by unifying its Google Home hub and security cameras. Below are a few steps that can be taken to turn you Google Home into a baby monitor:

  1. Buy Google Home Hub: After the purchase, you’ll also receive a thermostat which will turn your Google Home into a precise temperature conscious baby monitor
  2. Buy Google Home Hub Compatible Camera: Once you’re done buying the Google Home Hub, you need to focus on buying the right kind of cameras for your baby monitor. This can get a little tricky if you don’t do your research properly.

You might be tempted to save money and go for the cheaper ones but I’d highly advise you to pick a standard device for your baby’s monitor. It’s better to go all out when a baby’s safety is concerned.

  1. Integrate the two: Now that you have both your Google Home and your compatible camera, it’s time to put the two together and you’re all set.

But there are a few things that you should keep in mind while you’re setting up the device:

  1. a) While you’re setting things up in the nursery, it’s better to follow instructions given by the manufacturer. Even if you’re experienced in the task at hand, it won’t hurt to read the manual once in a while
  2. b) When it’s the time to connect your baby cam to the Google Hub, you’ll need to verify your account and choose a parent device and this can be your TV, table or both. You just have to sync your device with the Google Home
  3. c) When you’re finally done with the previous procedures, all you need to do now is use voice commands and the newly installed Google baby monitor will do its magic.

Even though the advantages are endless, not all the security cams are ideal for your baby monitor. When you’re in the process of installation, make sure you know which ones to use. It’s mandatory that you use a camera with no infrared vision. If the infrared light is too bright, the baby will have a hard time sleeping or get distracted by the bright glow.

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Google Home as A Listening Device

Not only can Google Home be used as a listening device, but you can also turn it into a Bluetooth speaker. And with the various range of voice commands, it will also be able to play whatever music or sounds you want your baby to listen to.

Here are some of the amazing Google Home voice commands to use in the baby’s room:

  1. Animal sounds: You need to teach your child how different kinds of animal’s sound like, so it’s better to get them started as early as possible. With Google’s wide range of animal sounds your work has just been made easier.

You’ll be able to find over 100 different animal sounds so you can just ask Google home how animals sound like and it will give you a few examples. Or you can just name a specific animal and leave the rest to Google.

  1. Musical instruments: Now if you’d like to show your kids some of the different types of musical instruments that are available then you can do the same thing. You can be vague and just ask “What do instruments sound like?” or ask Google to play a particular instrument for your lovely baby.

Having to deal with a newborn or a toddler can be excruciating at times thus having Google Home play a melodious sound will be extremely helpful when you’re trying to put your newborn to sleep.

  1. Automobile sounds: You can use Google Home to play various different vehicle sounds as well. This will be fun when you’re teaching your kids about different types of automobiles and their sounds.

Google Home Night Mode

Google Home Has A Night Mode

Google home makes checking in on your precious child at night a breeze. Entering your child’s room and turning on the lights late at night can disturb his or her sleep. This can be a recipe for another sleepless night. Any parent has experienced this at least once.

With Google home you can remotely check in on your baby from the comfort of your bed. And using night mode you don’t even have to risk waking your baby up. This feature alone makes Google Home an excellent piece of technology to monitor your child.

Google Home as A Night Light

Let’s talk about night lights. They come in different shapes and sizes and give your room a nice and colorful feel. It’s a device that’s appealing to kids and adults alike. Not to mention that it’s very convenient as a bedside lamp. And now with Google’s technology, you can easily connect your Smart Home Night Light to Google Home.

To get this thing (The Smart Home Night Light) connected to Google Home, you need to install the smart life app on your phone. Then you need to put the Night Light into a pairing mode which might be difficult for a few but as I mentioned earlier, if you follow the given instructions, you’ll be able to do just about anything.

Once it’s in the pairing mode, you go to the smart life app and press the plus button because you’ll be adding something. Then all you have to do is choose lighting devices (Because this is a lighting device). Now you have to confirm and insert your Wi-Fi password for the confirmation and you’re done!

And now you have a Night Light connected to your Google Home. You’ll be able to change the colors and saturation and give your baby nursery a more splendid outlook.

Some of Google’s Baby cams might not have built-in night lights while some even have a musical box integrated into it so that your baby can fall asleep more easily listening to the lullabies.

The next time you ask yourself “Can Google Home be a night light”, just hurry back to this article and follow the above-mentioned steps.

In Conclusion

The Google Home baby monitor is very simple to use with numerous voice commands which are very effective and reliant especially if you’re not in the vicinity. With traditional baby monitors, you’d have to push buttons to activate them. But with the Google Home baby monitor, it’s very easy to check up on your baby using a few simple voice commands.

Now that you’re at the end of the article, I hope I was able to answer the initial question, ‘’Can I use Google Home as a baby monitor’’. But you won’t know for sure until you try it out for yourself. Hope this article was able to help in your decision to get a more advanced baby monitor. Thanks for stopping by.

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